Avengers: Infinity War

I left a month in between when I watched it and now so I wouldn’t spoil anything even a little bit, but now I am going to go into why I liked it.

As I just said, I liked this movie a lot. The original appeal to this movie is the fact that it’s the beginning of the conclusion of the story that started 10 years ago with the first Iron Man. This fact makes it a very difficult movie to see and understand if you have not seen earlier movies, so definitely don’t watch this movie if you have not seen all, or at least most, of the previous movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The character development was pretty close to non-existent, with the exception of one character, Thanos. Since there were so many characters in this movie, it would have been nearly impossible to give every character good character development, so they relied on the previous movies to do that for them. It was really awesome seeing all the characters who have not been together in movies before now, interact and have conversations.

While the movie’s plot was extremely dark and upsetting, they had a lot of humour to contrast the upsetting scenes, while leaving great meaning in said scenes. The storyline follows a clearly outlined path in the form of the infinity stones, which makes it very memorable.

This movie had to be one of the best movies for me recently because it had everything that I wanted in it, a super dark mood paired with some well-timed comedy, a memorable plot, a relatable villain and finally, an awesome set of heroes that I would never want to see leave. It was quite an emotional movie and the directors did a really good job with what they could. However, the most upsetting thing about this movie is the fact that we have to wait a year to get the rest of the story.


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