Black Panther


Black Panther was incredible. I knew, it’d be good, but I didn’t know how good it would be! For one,the fight scenes were easily the best of any Marvel movie that I’ve seen. It had very relatable and enjoyable villains that were easily some of the best villains in the MCU. While being apart of this universe, it was very clearly a self-engaged movie. The character growths during this movie were drastic (in a good way) and continued the story very smoothly.

Real talk, it was an emotional movie. It had so many moments where the loyalty for the king and this fake country were so strong that it effected the entire mood of the movie and brought an emotional response. While the storyline was 100% fantastic, it was brought to life with the connection these characters shared and their love for their country.

A very cool aspect of this movie was the culture shown in it. Wakanda had their own seperate traditions, brought on by their technology, which was infused into an African culture. It really gave the movie a lot of character and, again, brought the story to life.

I want to say so many things that would ultimately be a slight spoiler, so I’m going to refrain from that and just conclude this by saying:
Wakanda Forever


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