The Inhumans movie/first 2 episodes really shouldn’t have been put into theatres. Like, it was a cool idea and all, but the show didn’t really have much content to put into it, so it ended up being a huge disappointment. The script was just very poorly written. Though the actors were amazing, with the exception of Crystal, the script had them doing things that any normal human (or inhuman) wouldn’t do, that just seemed unnatural. To conclude the 2 episodes, it had an after credits scene that seemed rather pointless and made the rest of the episodes seem dumb. It had few explanations about the characters abilities, so unless you have read any comics, you would be left in the dark for the majority of these episodes. Overall, as a movie, it was disappointing, but as a show, it is slightly more watchable.

The rest of the show however is significantly better. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much since it still was underwhelming in comparisson to the other Marvel Television shows. The show, while it’s not the best thing in the world, made huge strides and eventually became something that wasn’t bad to watch, and could have actually continued. Since the beginning of the show was terrible, it drove away any potential viewers, so dispite their change of quality, they got cancelled.


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