Justice League

It was an okay movie. I wasn’t expecting much from it and I got exactly what I expected. It was funny at moments, mostly with scenes including the Flash, and the action was adequate. The team-up wasn’t really wanted though. With The Avengers, that was a huge movie because it had built up the characters before with their own seperate movies, and also included a villain who had already shown up before that was already relateable. Rather than doing something like that, I feel like what DC does is they start with a team-up, then they introduce the characters after in their solo movies, so people are less excited about a team-up because the audience may not be familiar with the characters. It spent half of the movie introducing characters, then put in a character who didn’t really belong there and shouldn’t have shown up, they included a weird fight that was unrelated to the story and ultimately meaningless rather than keeping other scenes in. The end fight scene was more cool, but still underwhelming, considering everything cool was in the trailer. It was okay, but nothing special.


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