Star Wars: The Last Jedi

SWMan… it was nothing that I expected. It was incredible and surprised me a lot. I was figuring since episode IV and VII were almost the same plot wise that this episode would be the same as episode V, but I was definitely blown away by it. Just a warning, I think it was around 2 hours and a half long, so I kept expecting it to be done around the 2 hour mark, and they had so many different ways they could have ended it in between that so I was worried they were going to end it badly, but it’s a good conclusion to the episode.

This movie answers a lot of questions that have been brought up since the last episode, and again, they’re nothing like what you would expect, almost disappointing, but at the same time, really fitting and original. Like every Star Wars movie it has a lot of cool symbolism, including a more indepth description of how the force works that makes the movie so much more captivating. The only bad part of this movie in my opinion was a certain cameo… that was super ugly, but it was still a generally nice occurance

Sidenote: it has one of the coolest fight scenes in star wars where they have a long continuous shot of two characters fighting back to back, worthy enough to be something from the Defenders or Daredevil on Netflix; truly incredible!
Yeah… I liked it a lot, definitely one of my favourites, tied with episode V.
There’s so much more I want to say but I’m sure that will just spoil it for everyone so I’m going to stop right here… definitely watch it though.

Update: I hate Rose, she sucks and ruined the movie.


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