Thor: Ragnorok

T  R.jpg
It was a great movie… but ultimately, I was slightly disappointed. I watched this movie knowing it had great reviews and I saw how so many others liked it, which got me pumped up, but I didn’t know what to expect, so even though the movie was incredible and definitely one of my favourites, it was disappointing. I loved the humour and the originality of this movie, because it had a great amount of both. It was significantly different from the other Thor movies, the biggest difference that I noticed being the tone, as it had nothing to do with love and Thor and Jane’s relationship, but rather more of a friendship vibe. The fight scenes were beyond incredible, like, think Marvel Netflix fight scenes… except much cooler. Other than the boat fight scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier, this had the best fight scenes in Marvel movies. It also revealed a bunch of history about the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe that blew my mind and changes everything. It was almost perfect in the sense that this movie has a distinct self-contained plot, while still actively connecting it to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The soundtrack for this movie greatly improved my enjoyment of it. A big thing I was disappointed in though was the humour, even though it helped progress the story and keep my attention, it messed with the serious tone, and made the story line and the stakes seem weaker, though they were high. Also, they killed off a couple side characters in a meaningless way, which was pretty disappointing. In all, though I was a bit disappointed, it was a really good movie and definitely worth watching.


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