Wonder Woman


When I first saw the trailer, I assumed it would be a mix of Thor and Captain America, since it’s a story based in the war and she was getting used to human life. Instead, it was a story about a brave woman who believed in justice and gaining peace. Along with an awesome story line, it had great humour that made it less serious and more playful. Besides the dialogue, it had amazing fight scenes with Wonder Woman destroying people while her theme song played in the background (I love that song so much, it’s so exciting). She basically just fought people like crazy and won a lot. The only problem I had with it was the idea of the timeline, because the timeline in the story didn’t make too much sense with the idea that World War II is still about to happen and it was the god of war that apparently caused World War I. Wonder Woman is easily my favourite DC character now and I’m really excited to see her in Justice League and the other DC movies she will show up in. This gives me hope for the future of DC movies.

WARNING, don’t stay until after the credits for a scene that will get you excited for new movies, because there is no after-credit scene.


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