Arrested Development

arrested-newArrested Development is fantastic. It centres on the Bluth family and their company with the same name, as the CEO George Bluth goes to jail for various crimes, and his son is forced to take over and, in regards to his family, “keep them all together”.

This show has really great character development, along with some great catchphrases and inside jokes that each character has, which really propels the show forward. You love/hate all of the Bluths and watch as they grow, lose limbs, and make huge mistakes while laughing the whole time.

I have watched this show close to 4 times all the way through, and I continue to find hidden jokes that I didn’t catch right away. This show grows on you and is definitely one I would recommend seeing before you die some day. All of the seasons are great, though season 4 is significantly less great, but is definitely neccessary to watch before season 5.


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