Solo: A Star Wars Story

This movie was probably my least favourite movie in the Star Wars series. That being said, it was not even a bad movie, I also like the prequels so that shows how I feel about it. I really enjoyed the connections it had to the original star wars trilogy, and how it really showed the history of Han Solo, Chewbacca, and one of my favourite characters, Lando.

The acting in it was amazing, after watching the trailers I knew Lando was going to be perfect, but I had my doubts with Han since I had heard some terrible rumours about how he was really bad at acting, which ultimately were completely untrue. The actor who played Han did a great job, and while he didn’t try to mimic Harrison Ford, he got into the character and I completely believed that it was a younger Han, which was obviously the point of this movie. The character development was cool for a couple of the side characters, and they referenced the background story for one of the side characters multiple times, but then never explained what actually happened, which I would be totally okay with if this was not an isolated movie that is very unlikely to get a sequel since they will most likely never mention it again in other movies. It also had a really cool cameo by a certain villain from past movies… unfortunately, timeline wise, this makes no sense, so it is kind of ruined.

They had pretty decent fight scenes, maybe not the best in Star Wars, but pretty okay. The only problem I had with this movie was that it was difficult to see where the story was going and it was hard to see the end goal since they kept changing it. It made for a great story, but a more confusing movie.

Sidenote, the beginning “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” text, and everything that followed that, was a really cool way to open the movie and was super original, it got me super pumped. Ron Howard did a great job at directing this movie and though it had a couple disappointments, it was ultimately a great movie that I will probably watch again at some point!


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