Arrested Development – Season 5 Part 1 of 2

arrested-development-season-5-image-6Making it easier for the viewer, the creator of the show has split it into 2 parts of the season. This first part has a fair share of great aspects to it, but still has some negative. This show has always been funny, even during their worst season, season 4, it still had moments that made the season watchable, and they’ve continued with this trend. This season so far has a lot of humour and successfully makes a lot of callback’s to the first 4 seasons, that are definitely welcome and enjoyed! Whether it’s George Michael in his muscle suit or George Bluth yelling “no touching”, it brings back a lot of wonderful memories, and makes the seasons how what it is, a success. Last season, they made a huge mistake by separating the Bluths, which is why many say it’s the worst season they’ve ever done. So rather than make them all live separately, they quickly bring them all together to enjoy, and comment on, each others’ company. While this seems difficult to do, they made the actors’ schedules work along with the script and didn’t use certain characters on-screen rather flawlessly, while making them still a part of the plot. While all the characters did eventually make it on screen, they used other characters to simulate their presence. Also, they included the president of the United States in news reels to further their own plot (since the plot of the last season also included building a wall on the US-Mexico border) and brought a familiarity with it in this situation. This part of the season also kept mystery in the events unfolding that I believe are going to lead to are bigger and more satisfying reveal by the end of the season.

Reaching far as it does, there are a couple negative sides, and while Buster would probably tell me to “pick a lane”, I’m going to break off into this part. The show, while bringing back a bunch of the magic that made it such a hit when it first started, leaves it feeling more like a reunion episode for the first few episodes, bringing back old jokes and continuing them, while not making as many new jokes, which isn’t bad. It definitely branches off and starts new ongoing jokes eventually, and brings this part of the season home, but the beginning is rather repetitive and gets a little old.

Finally, I can confirm that I love this season and it’s definitely worth watching to go back to the world of Arrested Development.

Sidenote, I left a little reference to the show in the first letter of every paragraph… I assume nobody would catch it unless I said something. Happy watching!

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