marvels-daredevil.jpgFor this review I’m going to separate it between the seasons, because they are different and have different story lines.

So for season 1, I really enjoyed this season, it was a really cool concept, the only unfortunate part of the show was the fact that it starts off very slow, where you have to get to the 3rd episode til you actually meet the villain and it gets better. It starts off with Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who’s other senses are stronger after being exposed to dangerous chemicals, slowly turning into Daredevil. He’s a lawyer so he’s fighting for justice in a different way to begin with, then he begins to realize that the law can’t bring justice to those who have the people enforcing the law in their back pockets. So he goes after Kingpin and fights him and all this other great stuff.

This season is one of the best Marvel TV seasons/shows because it has some really awesome fight scenes, some in depth back story for the villain, and some cool nods to the comics.

Despite the fact that season 1 was great, season 2 was significantly better, easily one of the best, if not the best Marvel show. This season brings more background stories to Daredevil to explain how he learned to fight, with who he learned how to fight, and how he grew his morals. But while all that is awesome, it’s the punisher that makes this season so much better. The Punisher is a hero who has less morals than Daredevil, but still fights for good. Unfortunately, he believes in killing everyone, whereas Daredevil wants to keep them alive, but throw them in jail, making the punisher one of the antagonists.

I say “one of the antagonists” because there are many antagonists in this season, including Elektra, the hand, and a little more of Kingpin. Again, it brings a great background story for all of the villains, except for maybe the hand, and has some awesome action scenes. This season has, in my opinion, the best action scene of any Marvel TV show to date. If you want to see it, search on YouTube, Daredevil Season 2 Stairwell Fight Scene. Most of it is all in one continuous shot so there’s a lot happening. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

So essentially, this is possibly the best Marvel TV show and if you want to get into the Netflix Marvel shows, you should start with this one.

Sidenote: This is not a kid-friendly show due to a high amount of violence, especially when The Punisher is present.

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