Jessica Jones

AEE836B1-550A-4DDE-AC1C-0FB7D4ED35FC-817x350.jpegJust like I did with Daredevil, I’m going to split the two seasons up so I can judge them separately, as the quality is different for both of them.

Season 1 is my personal favourite Netflix Marvel season since it easily has the best villain. Jessica Jones is a very complex character and I found her very difficult to like until the second season after I had gotten used to her. She’s very sarcastic and can be really rude to people, but ultimately, it’s clear that she’s just a very broken person. While it’s hard to like her, it’s almost impossible not to like Kilgrave, her villain. He’s a terrifying, insane, clever, terrifying, character who I couldn’t help to love because he’s such a great villain. Kilgrave controls people by telling them what to do, which often results in death, and betrayal. This season, I would almost argue that he is the main character, considering the most character development revolves around him and his insanity. I would like to say much more about season 1 but if I said any more I would most likely spoil it. It’s definitely worth watching.

Sidenote: it is definitely not appropriate for children and is downright terrifying.

Season 2 is less great unfortunately. This season brings more emphasis on how Jessica Jones got her powers and has more character development for the side characters, and Jessica Jones herself. Kilgrave makes a quick cameo at some point in the season but isn’t a major part of the storyline unfortunately, which I found disappointing. This season focuses more on who Jessica considers her family and goes deeper into her relationships. The villain for this season is hard to describe without spoiling anything so I’ll have to leave it here unfortunately. However this season is the second worst of the Marvel TV Shows, it’s not bad, but doesn’t live up to the previous season.

Again, not appropriate for children.

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