Oceans 8

Oceans-8-1162624.jpgI absolutely loved this movie. It was incredible! My initial expectations were low since I was expecting another Ghostbusters type reboot, caring more about feminism than a good storyline, but I got much more than I expected. It has a bunch of great actresses that all do a great job at continuing the Oceans legacy and making it a welcome addition to the Oceans series, rather than making it a reboot. It’s set around Danny Ocean’s sister who, in the beginning, gets out of jail, in which she comes up with an elaborate plan to steal some very expensive diamonds. Following that she sets out to find some teammates to help her complete her goal.

It includes a lot of humour, some small twists, as all the Oceans movies have, and a pretty exciting heist! The whole concept of the movie is just so exciting and I was hooked watching everything that happened. My favourite part of the movie was how they used characters from other Oceans movies and extended the movie universe, while telling a pretty compelling story. They also include one small reference to the idea that the actresses in the movie exist in this universe as themselves as well as their characters which was a nice nod to one of the other Oceans movies where they had used that to aid to their heist.

I thought it was well done, and the fact that they used very little of the original characters in this movie didn’t hinder the quality of it. But while it was a great story and has some really cool moments, there is one thing in which it is lacking. That thing would be character development. There is just about none, and the relationships between the characters is also almost non-existent except for when they first meet. I loved the movie, but for characters, they really dropped the ball on growing them and making them likeable.

That’s the end of my review, but I read a couple other reviews online all comparing it to the previous Oceans movies and complaining that it has “less style” or that it’s inferior to them in other ways, which may be true as I haven’t seen the other movies in a while and I may be mistaken, but in my opinion, this, while it may be slightly inferior, was still a quality movie and they did a good job on it. It ties up all the loose strings which I feel was not always done well in the previous Oceans movies. It works.

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