Incredibles 2


What a great movie. My initial reactions to the idea of an Incredibles sequel were definitely positive because the first was a fantastic movie, and they had waited so long to make this one. The trailers all seemed promising, with Mr. Incredible having to deal with some funny parenting moments, but what I enjoyed was how all the moments in the trailer were shown about half an hour into the movie, leaving surprises for the future.

During the intro credits I was so excited because they made custom ones to match their movie and the intro just looked awesome. Then as I was watching it I was noticing a bunch of things that were less than average, all of those things were small and didn’t effect the overall story, so it was excusable. But then, all of a sudden, it got really good.

It includes some surprisingly awesome fight scenes that honestly, I just want to re-watch to admire them a bit more. They were so well choreographed, despite the fact that it was a cartoon, my mouth was open for half the movie because it was just so awesome. The humour mixed well with the overall tone and one fight scene in particular, which while it was pretty cool, it was also hilarious.

The character development wasn’t there much except for the parents and their struggles, as one tried to work to make a living, and the other had to take care of the kids. It was cool because it showed them mirroring a normal family… except one where one parent was working as a superhero, and the other had to take care of a super baby.

It was Incredible, however, the only problems I really had with it were a couple loose ends that they didn’t clear up involving the Underminer, the fact that the main villain’s name was Screenslaver (which I half find hilarious, and half terrible), and that they had to change the voice actors of quite a few characters. Obviously they had to because it was 14 years later, I just noticed it a lot. What I originally thought to be a flaw, was how obvious it was who the villain was, but they solved that problem quickly and made a great story.

This movie is a good kids movie, but was clearly made to be watchable for nostalgic kids who grew up with the first Incredibles, which makes it less kid friendly than originally expected. The actors and director, and everybody else did a really good job on this movie, to the point that I would easily say it’s of equal quality to the first movie. It’s just a nice addition to it.

When you get the chance, definitely watch it.

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