The movie’s about a group of friends that play tag for 30 years during the month of May, and during these 30 years, one of the guys has never been tagged before. It seems like an interesting concept, but this has probably been my least favourite movie of the year so far… that’s not saying much because this year has been pretty good for movies so far, but I would not waste my money on this movie again, and I wish I didn’t spend any money on it to begin with. I paid $7.

Anyways, I think the biggest reason why I didn’t like it was because the trailer seemed to promote something different. A different experience possibly. From the trailer I was expecting a bit of action, comedy, and a lot of an emotional aspect to it about their friendship, given that the trailer showed them going through life together, being around for the birth of a baby, the death of a father, and a marriage, all-the-while playing tag and staying in each other’s lives. Rather than that, the having a baby, and the death of the father were both quick and unemotional flashbacks trying to make a bigger joke that ultimately didn’t work.

It seemed like the movie would be about relationships and the growth of characters, instead, the movie was filled with 2 dimensional characters, played by fantastic actors, none of which I could relate to in any way. I feel like Tag didn’t know what genre it was in though. I felt like I was watching a Marvel movie with the amount of comedy in it, not a lot, but just enough to lighten up the mood, but while Marvel movies have action, this movie had nothing other than that comedy and it tried to last on it, which didn’t work out well.

The only thing that could have saved this movie, in my opinion was an emotional scene or two that grew them as people, and I waited for that scene. Finally, near the end they had a scene that looked like it was about to become very emotional and help grow the story. It was so close to being a meaningful movie, but then they did something absolutely distasteful, that has made me hate this movie significantly more than I would have originally. *SPOILER ALERT*

They faked a miscarriage. They went into a 10-20 minute part of the movie where the jokes stopped being funny, and this woman had a miscarriage. During this scene, they were making jokes about how she better have had a miscarriage because they missed their chance to tag their friend. I love offensive jokes, but these ones just fell flat. Then they revealed it was all a lie to escape getting tagged. Later they joked that the girl who lied about it deserved to have a miscarriage because of what she did.


They eventually had a legitimately emotional scene at the end, but the lack of character growth made it mean next to nothing to me.

Ultimately, it was a generally funny movie, with some super awesome actors and had a couple cool scenes that I enjoyed, but the bad far outweigh the good, therefore I would not suggest watching this unless you’re on an airplane with nothing better to do.

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