Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic_World_Fallen_Kingdom.pngWhat an absolutely insane movie. It was so good! The trailer for this movie is so misleading, I really expected it to be about them escaping the island for the whole movie…… it’s not. Without spoiling too much, it was done so well. It’s trailers like these that are misleading and don’t tell me anything about the story, that make the movies so much better. I feel like I’m seeing all new footage half way through because all the trailer stuff has already passed.

As for character development, there was very little of that. The only real character development was ìn the dinosaurs, which was decent enough that it contributed to the movie well.

The action scenes were incredible, there were a couple human fighting human scenes which were choreographed really well, but the best action scenes involved dinosaurs, surprisingly. They were super violent, and also very comedic as seeing someone flying across the screen from a dinosaur with horns hitting them is hilarious and was really good comedy relief. The suspense of watching the dinosaurs almost catch people and, in some cases, actually catch people and eat them really adds to the movie and makes it so much better.

The script was well written and it includes a bunch of plot twists, all of which were hinted at a little bit earlier, but you just don’t notice it until the plot twist is revealed. My mouth was open for the last half hour of the movie as I watched both in horror and surprise when plot twists were revealed, and dinosaurs did…. things. Such a well written movie.

So ultimately, it was awesome and was one of my favourite movies this year. Probably my favourite Jurassic Park/World that I’ve seen.

*spoilers* So I’m really excited so I’m just going to spoil one scene from it that was particularly well done. There’s a girl hiding in a bed, and the dinosaur opens the door to the balcony, slowly and quietly. The dinosaur walks into the room (taps it’s toe 3 times. Terrifying). The camera turns to a horse figurine that this girl has in her room. Behind it is shadow resembling the horses head….. which suddenly has teeth and is clearly the dinosaur (awesome scene). The dinosaur walks to the edge of the bed, staring at the little girl. It slowly moves it’s hand up towards her face, brushing the covers on the bed as it slowly gets ready to kill her….

and I’m leaving it at that. It was crazy, suspenseful, and so cool.

*Extra spoiler*

If the 3rd movie isn’t called Jurassic World War 3, I’ll be very upset.

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