Luke Cage – Season 2


Luke Cage Season 2 isn’t the worst Marvel TV show… but it’s definitely not the best. It’s 13 hours of character development, characters having huge problems arise, then those problems quickly reversing back to normal, a bit of action, some pretty decent team-ups, and a lot of symbolism using last names.

The character development was the biggest draw to this season. Throughout the season you watch Luke get less angry, Misty grow more accustomed to her missing arm, Iron Fist take a turn for the better as he became the character we’ve always wanted him to be, Mariah as she becomes more terrifying, and her relationship to Shades changing. The biggest part was Mariah becoming more scary and psychopathic as she moves from her good reputation as Mariah Dillard, back into her evil reputation as Mariah Stokes. That was probably the best part of this season.

The action scenes were exciting, but nothing new. They had a couple cool team-up fight scenes that worked well, but it didn’t really do it for me. Misty got her new arm in this season, which looked awesome and helped her fight (though one of the best fight scenes involved her fighting a bunch of guys with one arm). The fight scenes with the main villain, Bushmaster, were cool, except they never actually showed how strong he was, so he went in between being a normally strengthen human, to stronger than Luke Cage so you never knew. They focused more on the storyline rather than making as many complex fight scenes.

The storyline was long and tired for me. They had a bunch of side plots that, while they were mildly interesting, they were unnecessary. They helped with a bit of character development, but it was clearly a way to waste time so they could have 13 one hour episodes. It’s not terrible, it’s watchable, just a little overdone.

Ultimately, it’s not bad, it’s a mildly enjoyable show. It just doesn’t live up to its predecessor. It’s probably better to just think of it as a sequel to the Defenders. I loved how they teased Heroes For Hire a lot so I’m excited for that show. The best part of it was probably the end and how they conclude this season. They ended it in a way that I didn’t expect it to end. The ending was well done. I’m excited for how they will continue this in the next season.

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