Ant-Man and The Wasp


I really liked this movie. It was, by most standards, a pretty decent movie. It was well liked by a lot of people, but in the wake of Infinity War, it falls a little short. I’m going to restate this, great movie, but it’s a different type of movie from Infinity War and uses little to no references to the rest of the universe, except for in the end credit scene. Ultimately, that’s probably for the best since movies need to be able to stand alone and be enjoyed alone for them to be worth watching. Anyways, to the actual review:

It was mainly a comedy. Had a bit of action in it, but they used comedy a lot for this movie, that I would easily classify it as a comedy movie over an action movie. It had really good timing for a lot of its jokes which contributed a lot to how funny it was. Sidenote, Paul Rudd had a perfect scene where he played a different character, I’m not going to spoil it, but he was hilarious in it and I have to say that it takes a great actor to be able to do what he did so well and so confidently, so props to him. The side characters, as usual, helped with making it a very light-hearted comedy with some decent long running jokes and other cool stuff. The comedy was well done and I enjoyed it a lot mostly because of the comedy.

Action-wise, it was also amazing. It had some awesome fight scenes and car chases, most of which were shown in the trailers, they’re obviously longer in the movie and look cooler so that’s not a complaint. Actually, now that I think about it, they didn’t use one particular scene from the trailer in their fight scenes, so there might be more fighting in the trailers than in the movie. Seriously though, there was an acceptable amount of fighting and it was pretty good quality as well, and well-choreographed.

As for the storyline, that was probably the weakest part of the movie. It wasn’t bad, and it was, at the very least, interesting, but it was nothing special, and had to use the comedy to keep it rolling well, which is unfortunately the case with most strictly comedy movies. It was definitely exciting, but there were a couple side plots, that while they added to the plot of the story, and added a bit of comedy, it wasn’t quite resolved.

*Spoiler, skip past this if you haven’t watched Infinity War*


I guess everybody’s dust anyways now so it probably doesn’t matter much anymore, but still.



As for the character development, a part of what made it seem like less of an action movie was the fact that it didn’t have a direct villain… or rather it had multiple villains, none of which had really any emotion involved in what they were doing. They had a light motive but they had dull personalities, which made it hard to relate to any of them. They introduced a certain character almost immediately and built their personality up a little bit, but left it at the foundation of their character. I honestly didn’t really care about them throughout the movie, other than on a human level wanting them not to die. The relationships between the original cast grew a little bit and they dealt with issues that arose from the events of Civil War.

I’m going to add a little section where I talk about whether or not I would watch it again. I would watch this movie again if I were with a group of people, but alone or with just a couple people, I would avoid it because there’s nothing new in it that I would really want to watch again other than a bit of the comedy.

Finally I can say, I would suggest watching this movie. The computer animations were done really well and made the experience a little more awe-filled, the characters were generally well-built up, the action was decent and the comedy was fantastic. I would say it’s only slightly less good than the original Ant-man, solely for the villain issue I had with it. Have fun watching it!!!

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