Ant-Man and The Wasp

I really liked this movie. It was, by most standards, a pretty decent movie. It was well liked by a lot of people, but in the wake of Infinity War, it falls a little short. I'm going to restate this, great movie, but it's a different type of movie from Infinity War and uses little... Continue Reading →



The movie's about a group of friends that play tag for 30 years during the month of May, and during these 30 years, one of the guys has never been tagged before. It seems like an interesting concept, but this has probably been my least favourite movie of the year so far... that's not saying... Continue Reading →

Incredibles 2

What a great movie. My initial reactions to the idea of an Incredibles sequel were definitely positive because the first was a fantastic movie, and they had waited so long to make this one. The trailers all seemed promising, with Mr. Incredible having to deal with some funny parenting moments, but what I enjoyed was... Continue Reading →


30Rock is one of my favourite shows at the moment. It is set at NBC behind the scenes at a show that is clearly similar to Saturday Night Live, and since the creator is the same person who made Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels knows what happens behind the scenes. It has hilarious comedy, hidden... Continue Reading →

Angie Tribeca

This show is a hidden gem, that I never hear anybody talking about, despite the fact that it is an incredibly great show. It stars Rashida Jones as Angie Tribeca, a detective who's last partner/boyfriend disappeared when he ran into a pipe that blew up. Sound like a dumb show? That's because it is. This... Continue Reading →

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is fantastic. It centres on the Bluth family and their company with the same name, as the CEO George Bluth goes to jail for various crimes, and his son is forced to take over and, in regards to his family, "keep them all together". This show has really great character development, along with... Continue Reading →

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